Here in this blog we are going to discuss about the hacking the wifi and lots of thing. As we know Internet is the necessity of the world to do their work. If the people wants to use their smartphones, PC, laptop, and many other technologies so they also use Internet. To use the internet firstly the user have to buy the data for their cell phone or use wifi connection. But it’s not possible that every person is ready to pay the bill amount of every month. So what next if you don’t want to pay the wifi or mobile data bill but want to use the internet. What you do to use the free wifi connection?

If user don’t be able to pay the wifi bill and they want to use the wifi so there is some way to use free wifi connection in your phone or laptop. If you don’t want to buy the wifi and your neighbor using the wifi so you can use their wifi without take any password or without knowing them.

There is some apps which helps to hack any wifi connection without tacking any password and you can use in your device easily. Below are the some given wifi hacker applications and starting using free of cost. We are providing you a list of android wifi hacker application.

Read some needed information before reading to details. Before you hack the wifi of your neighbor’s:

Here, we are giving you some basic important advice before you hack the nearest wifi. Firstly the wifi singnal is must be clear and your mobile phone have to be 4.0+ version.

Right now we are going to discuss about the hacker application for android devices. With the help of hacking application hack the nearest wifi and use it with free of cost, without giving any chance.

Best Wifi Hacker Apps For Android

Guys below are the some applications name which helps you to  hack the nearest wifi connection. And here we are also mentioned the details and hiw to use in steps.



To use yhis application for hacking you don’t need to be root your device. WPA WPA tester pro is one of the oldest application  and this is use for hack WPS ping for the wifi network. How to use this application read below steps and keep follow:

  • Firstly go and download the WPS WPA tester Pro application in your android.
  • then agree with the rules and regulations of the app.
  • then application want the root permission from the user.
  • then click on the permission button.
  • click on search or refresh option.
  • then you able to see the area all wifi network.
  • if anyone saw you the warning then go and click on yes.
  • then click on any wifi connection
  • click on automatic pin
  • then the take some second and your work will complete.
  • they help to see the password of that wifi connection.

2. Kali Linus Nethunter

Kali Linus Nethunter

Kali Linus Nethunter is one of the famous hacking application. And this application is invented by Mati Aharoni, and now the app is continue by offensive security PVT Limited. When the user want to hack the nearest wifi connection, firstly download Kali’s wifi tool. The layout process of Nethunter will help you to overcome the problem with configuration files.

3. AndroiDumper


AndroiDumper is also use to help hack the nearest wifi connection. You don’t need to root your phone. Here below are the some following step,  how to use the AndroiDumper in your mobile device:


  • Firstly, install the Androidumper in your phone.
  • Then open the app, and take some permissions.
  • Application ask for the root permission.
  • Click on allow.
  • Then search the nearest wifi connection in your mobile device.
  • Try to conncet with wifi and click on no custom pin.
  • After few seconds, which wifi network range is nearest, then you can see the password of wifi.
  • Then enter the password and connect to the wifi.

4. Fing Networks Tools

 Fing Networks Tools

This application is also use for the wifi hacking and one of the best application. This application is also for the fix problems in their networks. Fing networks tools is the easy and best tool to hack the nearest wifi network. Download the app and hack nearby wifi connection to use it free.

5. Nmap for Android 

Nmap for Android

Namp application is a mapper tool, which also help and used by the user to search the open UDP ports. Nmap is a Linux machine, but the user can use as a feature on their android mobile. And it’s use for the hacking the nearest wifi  and scan the posts as well as.

6. ZAnti


Zanti is the good hacking tool for the device. The user of this application can use for hacking websites and other servers. User can also use it to do MITM attacks, password auditing, scanning, MAC address, spoofing, and many more.

7. WiFi Kill

WiFi Kill

Wifi Kill is really well working application for the hacking application. This app is a also use to disable the internet connection from another device.  It has a simple users on the network. The user also disconnect the all unknown connection or remove them permanent. Wifi kill also have so many features like, showing traffic used by the device, network names, and many more. Although, to use the wifi kill application user have to be root their device.

8. WIBR+


WIBR+ application is also use to the security and integrity  of wifi networks. User use the dictionary attacks and brute force the WIBR+ will helps to show  “how to hack wifi”. When you open the wifi , so there is lots of option to select the one wifi connection which is your first priority in lowercase, uppercase, number. When you try to connect your wifi it will take  time and crack the password. Ands its totally depends on the password strength.

Top 13 Android WiFi Hacking Apps in 2022

Check out the latest list of best Wifi Hacking apps for android in 2022.

  1. WPS Connect
  2. WiFi inspect
  3. Fing Network
  4. Netspoof
  5. WiFi Analyzer
  6. Router Keygen
  7. Arp Guard
  8. Wifi Magic
  9. Aircrack- NG
  10. WiFi Master Key APK
  11. Wifi Pass Key
  12. Wifi Warden
  13. Wifi Password


Here, we are providing you some usefull blog. Where you get lots of wifi hacking application with details. You can hack any nearby wifi network and use in any device mobile, computer, laptop, etc. All websites are the best hacking sites. This article will remove your all confusion and also use free wifi connection. Stay connect with us for more information.

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