Now a days, AT & T problem becoming a very common issues which are faces all the internet user customers. The red light of the AT & T are showing the disconnection of internet. And all the gadgets or devices are not working those are connected with net. There are lots of reason to blink the red light on your AT & T broadband. It’s very painful to see the broadband  problem always. It’s very irritating when device are not working and when you analyze the problem, then you see a red light and you don’t know what to do. Perhaps it’s happened because of server or device issue. The meaning of the AT & T red light that a broadband signal are identified, but there no any connection usual.

AT&T Broadband Red Light

How to Fix the AT&T Broadband Red Light Issue?

To see the red light user getting tense and the connection of the internet is disconnect from the devices. It’s happen because they don’t know what is happening and now what they have to do in this situation. So, you don’t have to worry there is some basic points which helps to solve your this problem. Below are the 6 methods to solve this problem, you try one by one all the way to solve the situation.

1. Check for service outages

The first step to analyze that your service provider have the outage or not. And if you know that they have outage so, you can go on website and there you can analyze that they provide any type of service in your area. It’s basically happen after power breakdown or a storm. If you find out that there was an outage in your locality then all you can do is wait till it’s over.

2. Check the Connections

Sometimes it’s happen because of the loose wire connection. You check all the connection again or you can do something different to use old method and connect all the connection tightly once again. You should pay awareness to the two ends of the green DSL Broadband cable whether it rests securely into the gateway.

AT&T Broadband Red Light

3. Restart the Gateway Manually

In this step you don’t have to need to know about any tech knowledge, because to restart any device is the basic step to solve the any situation and firstly every user do this step. And then reboot the modem before the next step. To start your gateway firstly you have to separate the power cord from the back side it’s mandatory. After 15-20 seconds again connect the power cod. Then wait for the 2-3 minutes to the green light in router and if it’s happen that means now it’s stable and work properly.

Restart the Gateway Manually

4. Reset the modem to factory defaults

In the fourth step you can go to reset in factory setting. Basically, it’s the last option because modem come back to the factory setting, this means that you have to set this with scratch. Wi-fi password, network name and anything change in your settings will be work.

Reset the modem to factory defaults

5. Change the Connection

Till you are not a specialist, it’s very difficult to know about the knowledge connection. In the end of your broadband, one plastic connection are available and a broadband work as a connector in the cable. You have to analyze the cable properly and you have to catch the damage the cable. If the connector create the problem, then change it and join the new connector in the end of the cable.

AT&T broadband red light

6. Contact your Service Provider

If the all 5 methods will not work, and rest of the methods are beneficial for you, then at the end you have to call your service provider. For more details and helps call your nearest ISP service provider. Probably the server is down from there side, and that is the reason your modem will not connecting. Till then the ISP service provider don’t give a specific solution and don’t give the best solution, will not take more time.


The internet users have to face the broadband red light issue, here in the blog all the solution are available with details. For more information and to get more knowledge stay connect with us and keep follow our website. Stay Safe!



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