Vasant Panchami is a popular celebration that denote the finish of the winter season and ushers in the springtime. Sarasvati is the Hindu goddess of the Vasant Panchami celebration. Young ladies wear splendid yellow dresses and take an interest in the celebrations. The shading yellow holds an exceptional significance for this festival as it connotes the brightness of nature and the dynamic quality of life. The entire place overflows with yellow amid the celebration.

Individuals dress in yellow and they offer yellow blossoms to others and to the divine beings and goddesses. They additionally get ready and devour a unique baked good called kesar halwa or kesar halva, which is produced using flour, sugar, nuts, and cardamom powder. This dish additionally incorporates saffron strands, which gives it an energetic yellow shading and gentle aroma. Amid the Vasant Panchami celebration, India’s yield fields are loaded with the shading yellow, as the yellow mustard blossoms sprout as of now of the year. Pens, journals, and pencils are put close to the goddess Devi’s feet to be honored before they are utilized by understudies.

Vasant Panchami 2021

Vasant Panchami 2021


Saraswati Puja on Vasant Panchami Muhurta

Vasant Panchami Puja Muhurta = 12:26 to 12:34

Duration = 0 Hours 8 Mins

Panchami Tithi Begins = 12:25 on 9/Feb/2019

Panchami Tithi Ends = 14:08 on 10/Feb/2019

The Puja becomes even more powerful when worshipers recite Saraswati Stotra along with the other rituals.

Puspanjali Mantra

Om Bhadro Kallyoi Namo Nityan

Saraswatyoi Namo Namah

Veda Vedanta Vedanga

Bidya sthanebhaya

Ebacho esso swachandana

Billyopatro Pushpanjali

Om Oing Shree Shree Saraswatoi Namoh

Pranam mantra

Om Jay Jay Debi Characharo Sare

Kuchojugo Shobhito Mukta Hare

Veena Ranjito Pustaka Haste

Bhagobati Bharati Debi Namohstute

Om Saraswati Maha Bhage

Vidya Kamolo Lochone

Biswarupe Bishalakshi

Vidyang dehi namohastute

Vasant Panchami Wishes

Purvahna Kala, which is the time between the dawn and the early afternoon, is considered to choose Vasant Panchami day. Vasant Panchami is commended on the day when Panchami Tithi wins amid Purvahna Kala. Because of which Vasant Panchami may likewise fall on Chaturthi Tithi.

Spring is in air, Fresh blossoms everywhere.
Sending you my warm greetings on the
auspicious occasion of Vasant Panchami 2017.


सहस शील हृदय में भर दे जीवन त्याग से भर दे,
संयम सत्य स्नेह का वर दे माँ सरस्वती आपके जीवन में उल्लास भर दे!
वसंत पंचमी की बधाई..


On this day Goddess Saraswati
is worshiped in various names
and Fames, Badal, Arts and Science,
and Deep, Supreme knowledge.
Happy Basant Panchami to all u……


Aashirwadd badoon ka pyar
dostoon ka duaein sabki karuna
maan Ki Vasan Panchami ki Hardik Shubhkamnein


No greeting card
No sweet flowers
No cute graphics
Just a carrying heart
wishing u Happy Basant Panchami


Lo Phir Basant Aayi,
Phoolon Pe Rang Layi,
Chalo be Darang,
Baje Jal Tarang,
Man Par Umang Chayi,
Lo Phir Basant Aayi!
Happy Basant Panchami..


वीणा लेकर हाथ मे,
सरस्वती हो आपके साथ मे,
मिले माँ का आशीर्वाद आपको हर दिन,
हर बार हो मुबारक़ आपको सरस्वती पूजा का ये दिन.
वसंत पंचमी की बधाई..


ApKi khushiyoon ki dua karta hu,
Vidhya mata ki pooja krta hu ,
apki duniya ho hari bhari,
vasant panchami ki shubh kamana deta…


Wishing you Happiness
Good fortune
Peace & Progress on the occassion of Basant Panchami.


Basant Panchami Sms & Messages

Numerous stargazers consider Vasant Panchami as Abujha day which is promising to begin all great work. As indicated by this conviction entire Vasant Panchami day is propitious to perform Saraswati Puja.

No greeting card to give,
No sweet flowers to send,
No cute graphics to forward,
Just a carrying heart wishing u
Happy Basant Panchami.


May you rise each texting day
with fully charged cell phone
in your hand, inspiring message
in your mind, me in your heart,
and a clear signal all day long.
Nice Basant Panchami day!


May you be bestowed with
knowledge and wisdom…
Have a Blessed Vasant Panchami!


Is se pahle k sham ho jaye,
Mera sms auron ki tarha aam ho jaye,
aur Sare mobile network jam ho jaye,
Apko basant panchami ki shubh kamnayen …
Happy Basant Panchami


Saraswathi Namasthubhyam,
Varadey Kaamarupinee!
Vidhyarambham Karishyami,
Sidhir bhavathu mey sada !
Happy Basant Panchami


Halke halke se ho BADAL,
khula khula sa akash,
happy Basant Panchami,
app ho mere pass.


Saahas Sheel Hriday Mein Bhar De
Jeevan Tyaag Tapomar Kar De,
Sanyam Satya Sneh Ka Var De
Maa Sarswati Aapke Jivan Mein Ullas Bhar De
Happy Basant Panchami…


Vasant Panchami Whatsapp Status Dp

Despite the fact that there is no uncommon time to perform Saraswati Puja on Vasant Panchami the very first moment ought to ensure that Puja is done when Panchami Tithi is winning. Ordinarily Panchami Tithi doesn’t win entire of the day on Vasant Panchami day thus we trust that it is imperative to do Saraswati puja inside Panchami Tithi.

Spring is in air, Fresh blossoms everywhere.
Sending you my warm greetings on the
auspicious occasion of Vasant Panchami!

On this day Goddess Saraswati
is worshipped in various names
and fames -Badal, arts and science,
and deep ,Supreme knowledge.
HAPPY Basant Panchami.

When u find a DREAM inside ur HEART…
don’t ever let it go…Coz dreams r the tiny seeds
frm which beautiful 2morrow grows.
Happy Basant Panchami & Saraswati Puja

Maa Saraswati aapko sadaiv good thought pradan karti rahe
Maa Saraswati ki blessing aap par sada rahe

He gyan daayani, veena vaadini teri sharan mein aaya hun, he! jagat janani sarde bhavani teri charano me shish jhukaya hun.
Happy Basant Panchami

May Goddess Saraswati,Who is fair like the jasmine-colored moon,
Who is surrounded & respected by the Gods,Protect You.
May she fully remove Ur Lethargy, Sluggishness, & Ignorance.
& Brighten Ur life wid Knowledge.

Peele peele sarson ke phool, peeli ude patang, rang barse peela aur chhaye sarson si umang. Aapke jeevan main rahe sadaa Basant ke rang. Happy Basant Panchami.

Saraswati Puja ka ye pyara tyohar,
Jeewan me layega khushi apaar,
Saraswati viraje aapke dwar,
Shubh kaamna hamari kare sweekar.


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