QLink wireless name popular in USA . Except this, if we think smartly, and which reader are come here to read this post 8 out of 10 are the users of QLink. The most of the users are here to read this post, and they want to learn about QLink APN. These all about we provide in this post, and we also explain some important information about the QLink wireless. Also, we don’t care that which type of decice your are using, because we explained all the information of each and every device. So before start first let’s know what is QLink.

Best QLink APN Settings For iPhone, Android & Windows

What is QLink?

In a normal words,  the QLink wireless telecom company which is based on USA and provides the telecom services to unites state of America.  A basic  question is what is the special of this company, here we also discuss about on this topic.

This is important to discuss because QLink wireless is one of those company which targets the low income group of the United States and hence has grown significantly in the last few months. This is the biggest benefit to connect with network that Comes without any long term contract and hence very easy to pull out when needed.

Plus, when you already have a number, you can keep your number and connect to QLink Wireless with that number. That being said, we will now see why you should know how to manage QLink APN settings yourself.

Why Do You Need to Manage QLink APN Settings?

The Question of the answer because this is you who using this. Because you are the user, your are that on who are is facing the problem and if any query comes in front of you then you have to know to solve the query. If you are thinking that to solve this problem you have to knowledge about technique, then stop thinking.

In this blog, we will provide you how to manage settings for all types of devices in a step-by-step manner. If you know the basics for using your device, that’s all. We assure you that it will take less than 3 minutes to set up the QLink APN. Let’s see how to do it.

Best QLink APN Settings For iPhone, Android & Windows

How to Manage QLink APN Settings on Different Devices?

Probably this is the section for which you would have been reading this post. In this section we explain step-by-step explanation. The steps is easy, because you only have to do those steps which device you use, device are the navigate and also compliance the step. Follow the given steps.

If you have the android device, so you have to follow these steps for QLink APN set up.  So keep follow these steps with concentration otherwise you have to repeat the steps again.

  1. Open setting in your android phone and go to SIM card and mobile network.
  2. go to QLink SIM card.
  3. Then click down and tap on access point names.
  4.  tap on New APN.
  5. Give QLink as the name of the APN
  6. give the name in APN section
  7. For MMSC type http://wholesale.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc. You can copy this link and direct post.
  8. MCC value is 310 and MNC value is 240
  9. under APN protocol, choose IPv4/IPv6
  10. in the end tap on save

This is important to recognize that, It is important to note that the APN Enable/Disable button says APN Enabled before you save it. If they said that APN enable, then go back and enable it. When you on the mobile date thne us can use the internet. In some situation you have to reboot the mobile phone.

Best QLink APN Settings For iPhone, Android & Windows

2. QLink APN Settings for iPhone

If you are iphone user, then you don’t need to enter that much value as compare to android users. How to use QLink APN in iPhone read these steps.

  1. off the cellular data in your device
  2. open the setting app and go to cellular
  3. under the cellular app tap on Add APN
  4. In APN section type QLink
  5. Under the MMS Max message, type the value 1048576
  6. in MMS US pro URL, fill in http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf.
  7. save the APN setting and restart your iPhone
  8. on the data connection and use the service

As we have seen that we need less entries for establishing an APN on iPhone. But what happen if you are a window user? So we will discuss about this in the next section.

3. QLink APN Settings for Windows

In the Window phone QLink APN setting done within 2 minutes. These are the steps:

  1. go to settings and network and go on wireless.
  2. choose the cellular and SIM option and go to properties
  3. now, choose the add APN
  4. for profile name enter the, QLink and type the QLink in between APN
  5. Set the IP Type to IPv4.
  6. Check the box saying Use this APN for LTE and replace the one from my mobile.
  7. Now, click on properties and choose Add MMS.
  8. set the maximum MMS at 2048 and save the setting.

That’s it. You can see that QLink APN setting is so easy. It not only save the time but also ensures that you are completely self-reliant when it comes to technology.


This is all about the QLink APN settings and we also discuss how to control all the devices. Although if you know about any other device which use the QLink APN services then please share in comment section. Then we also discuss about that device. For more information stay connect with us and keep follow our website. Stay Safe!


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