If you were a video game player in your childhood and you have a very large collection or you have no more space in your home to buy new ones. Here we are telling you best online sides, where you can sell your old video games and you can full your empty wallet, without facing any difficulty.
In older time, when we wanted to free our home from extra goods, we had to thrown the things in the garbage and our money had gone totally wasted, but now time has changed, we are living in digital world.

buy sell trade of video games

Now we have lots of option where we could sell our things. Here we are going to tell you many ways to earn money by selling your goods digitally. These are some online sides where you could sell your video games and others things also on very profitable price:

1. Decluttr

Decluttr is one of the best way for selling the online games. All offers and discount is available here and it’s a very user friendly. You can go on there site otherwise you have another option in which you can download their application in your android mobile. When you accept the offer where you have to sell your game then they will ping you a email. Where they will send you a welcome packet with free shipping label.


2. Craigslist

To sell the video games this is one another way to sell. In this site there is no any mediator to take any kind of commission. Because video games are sold here locally, although you have to answer on email or mobile, etc. The video game Seller have to meet the buyer at public place to sell by hand. This sites also have lot of profits and they don’t take any shipping charges, etc. To sell any video game this time take time.


3. Amazon

Amazon is one of the best and biggest online site. Now, amazon is trustable and largest e commerce site where the gamer can easily sell their video games online. Amazon is that site where you can buy anything and same you can sell anything. So, there is two way to sell your video game.


the user have to make a seller account, which is not good for selling only some games. So, according to us you have to try the second option, which is one of the amazon trade in program, which is perfect option for you.

4. GameStop

Perhaps any gamer don’t know about the Gamestop, it’s not possible. Gamestop is very successful point for selling the +video games. There is many in-person and online stores in Gamestop. The user of the Gamestop can sell their games on online at 60% credit.

buy sell trade of video games

user can also sell here games system and accessory which is related to the video games.

5. Swappa

Swappa is not a trade in site but still, the gamers can sell their video game without any mediator men or you can say without any person who will take the commission. The site will not take any charges from the seller but they will take the charges from the buyer. They will suggest you their price according to the product but it’s not mandatory to accept that price you can set your own price.

buy sell trade of video games

After sell your product you get the price which you updated. Seller are responsible for the shipping charges.

6. The Old School Game Vault

There one more options for the video gamer. if the gamer want to sell their old video game so they will use the old school game vault. But this site have there own protocols. Like this site don’t buy any game which is not even use for anymore. The minimum order is 25$ and free shipping is start from the 50$. And the buyer have to use only Paypal for the online transaction.

buy sell trade of video games

7. Facebook Marketplace

As we know about the Facebook is one of the popular social media site. Facebook is using approx 1 billion people in the whole world.  Facebook marketplace was invent in 2016 and to sell old games this is one of the best way to sell the games. It’s also help to attract the local buyer of the games. But they can only buy or sell from the Facebook profile.

8. eBay

ebay is one of the oldest e-commerce website even older then the amazon. You can sell and buy lots of thing on this website. This site is followed by lot of people. You have to way to sell on ebay. the first option through the auction and  second option is to display your exact price of the product. ebay is one of the biggest market place. That’s why it will take time but it’s sure that it’s work for the seller and buyer both.

buy sell trade of video games

9. DK Oldies

DK oldies is also one of the good place to sell the classic video games including Sega and Nintendo. If any buyer want to free shipping so they have to order minimum 50$ otherwise the site will charge of the shipping. The site will give you 20% bonus when you exchange  your games. This site is presently pick up only a partial list of games.

buy sell trade of video games

10. Best Buy 

Best buy is recently come in front of the gamers, which gives you a lots of feasible option to sell and purchase the old video games. Best buy is provide you the gift cards and give the permisson for game trades. But the site have their protocols and one the most important is the person have to be 18 to use this game trade.

buy sell trade of video games




List Of The Sites

  • Decluttr
  • Craigslist
  • Amazon
  • GameStop
  • Swappa
  • The Old School Game Vault
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • eBay
  • DK Oldies
  • Best Buy


These are the websites, those you could use for online selling old video games. These are trustable sides, where offers are received quickly and the process are very user friendly. You can visit their website or download the mobile the mobile app. For more information you can stay connect with us  and keep following our website!

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