This is an article about how to get escape from every prison as BitLife that is the Life simulator is a mobile game that is becoming one of the most popular mobile games, and this is the only reason due to which people are switching to BitLife in 2021 with its mini-games as there are several mini-games in BitLife which would hook up the user for passing some hours. There is a mini-game which generally tasks players to easily get out of the prison in the BitLife, and all those people who had been playing in the BitLife must know about how so difficult is to get escape from the prison in the game, and so, this is one of the main reasons regarding why tons of people, and players have recently get asking a lot of questions about the BitLife prison escape.

BitLife Prison Escape Guide

In BitLife there are three types of prisons get lies is the minimum, maximum, and the medium prisons, and each of the available prisons is so much different from each other as if the user is minimum, and medium in BitLife, then they can easily get escape from prison, but if they are laid in the maximum prison, they need to put a lot of effort to get escape from this. Being as so similar to real-life, the user could so simply commit a crime to go to prison in the BitLife, and if the user commits a crime, then they would fire from their current jobs, and after that, they would also send to the prison.

A better way to escape from every prison

There is no other way that easily gets escape from a security prison in BitLife as this is not so easier to get escape from but with using several effective tips, and tricks the user could easily get out from the prison as a main matter of time, as guard helps the user to easily get move an escape from the prison, and one of the main weak points of this guard is that it walks only in the horizontal way, and, so, this is one of the relevant ways to get escape from the prison and inspect of this method, the user also has another method, that is the cheat sheet for every main layout of maps, and the video which explains the same method in the best similar possible way.

The way to get a ribbon

In BitLife, there is an availability of multiple ribbons which the user needs to easily get out from the prison and to earn the reward, and the ribbons also help the user to easily get stay out from the cunning, Scandalous, and the Jailbird.

Jailbird ribbon: To easily get the jailbird ribbon in BitLife, the user simply needs to go to prison, and then to escape from either three to four times, and at once, while the user is doing with this, they could sit on their cell, and age for it until the user easily get capable to crack this.

Houdini Ribbon: This type of ribbon is so similar to the Jailbird ribbon, and for this also the user needs to go to prison to escape from this, and at once after doing this, the user is required to rob the houses, and also get arrested at while doing the robbery, and doing this would lead the user to jail, and then after this, they need to get escape from the prison as without levitation any alarm.

Being a stripper in BitLife

Being a stripper in BitLife is a full-time job which the user could easily do like as at a side job, and if either the user is studying, and is waiting to complete their education in the game, then they could also get become a stripper as along with their study. In BitLife the strippers are also known as the exotic dancers, and the user would be simply treated like the professional dancer in the bars and the clubs.

Getting a boating License in BitLife

BitLife is the life-stimulating game in which the user could whatever they want, and they can also be the sailor in the BitLife to sail every citizen who generally needs to have a valid boating license as like as the real-life sailors, the character of the user in the BitLife would also be as has to pass the boating test to get their license, and only after completing the test, the user would be eligible to take the license.

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