Cinema Box HD App, APK for Android, iOS & PC Free DownloadAre you a movie freak? Watching movies is your favorite pastime? But you find it hard to download or watch movies? Then here is the solution to these problems. Cinema Box HD is a vital application for all the movie freaks out there. If you are familiar with any free streaming applications then you must have heard about PlayBox HD, Cinema Box HD is a venture by the same developers. We can be rest assured about the quality of service offered by the application.

Cinemabox APK
Cinemabox APK

Cinema Box HD


Cinema Box HD is an app with benefits, benefits and benefits. Here I am enlisting those factors that make this application remarkable.

  • Free Content: Huge database of movies, TV shows and cartoons is backed by PlayBox HD. All of the content comes for free and you don’t even have to pay any monthly subscription like Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  • HD Quality: All the movies are in HD quality and if you have a slow internet connection then turn the Quality of stream to 480p, 360p or even lower.
  • Chromecast: Cinema Box HD lets you cast the movie on a bigger screen with the help of Chromecast.

And many other advantages like Sharing with friends, offline save and it goes on.

Cinema Box APK

How to download Cinema Box?

For Android devices

Powering more than 60% of world’s smart-phones, Android is the leading OS among hand-held devices. A large number of apps is what makes Android the preferred choice. Cinema Box HD gives the perk to your Android device to play movies for free. Here’s the step by step guide:

, then is security tab, enable installation of an application from ‘Unknown sources’

  1. Once done, download the APK from
  2. Open the APK file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Launch app from the app drawer

Don’t worry about security issues or virus. The app is 100% safe and secure. You cannot download it form Play Store because of copyright issues, so don’t get fooled by those apps on Play Store claiming to be Cinema Box HD.

Cinema Box iOS

For iOS devices

iPad and iPhone users always worried because of not getting free content. But here’s a way to download Cinema Box HD without jailbreaking your phone. Just follow the steps:

  1. Open settings > iTunes and App Stores > Apple ID > Sign Out.
  2. Now go to this link (itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=https: //
  3. Tap on ‘Install’ button
  4. Once installed, open Cinema Box HD
  5. Tap on Cancel now.
  6. Go back to the iTunes store and login using these credentials / Playbox77

If it says that the account is disabled then try again later. The app may crash sometimes so make sure you are using the latest version of iOS and the application both.

Cinema Box for PC

For PC

Cinema Box HD is not available officially for PCs, neither for Mac nor for Windows. But we can run it on both the devices without any problem. We will install BlueStacks Android app emulator on your device to emulate the Android environment. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Download BlueStacks from their official website. On the website choose your operating system wisely and download the installation package. Then open the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Once BlueStacks is successfully installed, login using your Google username and password. After successful login there will be a screen similar to that of any android tablet.
  3. Download the APK from the link provided above in download for Android column.
  4. Now browse to the location of the APK and then right click on the APK.
  5. Click on Open With and choose BlueStacks.
  6. The installation screen would pop-up and the application will get installed.
  7. You will get a desktop shortcut for Cinema Box HD and if you don’t get any shortcuts then use the app drawer of BlueStacks to launch it.

That’s it fellas! You’re done with installing Cinema Box HD on your PC. The instructions are quite the same for both Windows and Mac but you just have to choose the right installation package for your PC of BlueStacks.

Final Overview

Cinema Box HD is a wonderful application from the makers of PlayBox HD. The streaming quality is good and servers are quite responsive, offline feature works well. Though there are some minor bugs but developers are always working upon it. Overall, Cinema Box HD gives a great experience of watching movies on your hand-held devices and PCs both. Stay tuned for more updates.

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