#DP3 Dance+ Plus 3 Winner Name 2017 Grand Finale Prize Money Who Won: -Well, Star Plus is all set to the Dance plus final show because it is about to end. As per the reports, everyone is going to get the winner of the third season of this awesome dance show. As you all know that Dance Plus 3 Winner starts with Raghav Juyal welcoming the Poster Boys on the show on a recent episode. Also, the judge Remo D’Souza spoke about how Sunny Deol was a real inspiration for him.

After that everyone gets excited because today they all are going to know that which contestants are going to be on the final episode of the show. The first group to perform was Shree Rama Niketan from Hyderabad. They danced on Apsara Aali and everyone was left mesmerized. Even, nobody blink during their mind-blowing performance. Even Shreyas Talpade whistled for them. Bigg Boss 11 Contestants List

Dance Plus 3 Top 4 Finalists

  1. Bir Radha Sherpa (Team Punit Pathak)

  2. Tarun and Shivani (Team Dharmesh)

  3. Aryan Patra (Team Dharmesh)

  4. Amardeep Singh Natt (Team Dharmesh)

Top 8 Contestants Voting Details

  1. Tarun & Shivani  (Team Dharmesh) Give a Miss Call at – 18005321101

  2. House of Suraj  (Team Punit Pathak) Give a Miss Call at – 18005321102

  3. Aryan Patra (Team Dharmesh) Give a Miss Call at – 18005321103

  4. Sri Rama Nataka Niketan (Team Shakti Mohan) Give a Miss Call at – 18005321104

  5. AVP Crew (Team Punit Pathak) Give a Miss Call at – 18005321105

  6. Ayush & Mukesh (Team Punit Pathak) Give a Miss Call at – 18005321106

  7. Bir Radha Sherpa (Team Punit Pathak) Give a Miss Call at – 18005321107

  8. Amardeep Singh Natt  (Team Dharmesh) Give a Miss Call at – 18005321108

Later, Shakti Mohan joined them on stage for a dance. The second contestant to present his act was Bir Radha Sherpa. One of the best contemporary dancers, he grooved on Soniyo much to the delight of all. Sunny Deol said he felt like doing acrobatics like Bir. Shakti said she was confident about him making it to the finals. After that everyone gets excited about the second performance and that followed all other events like some kids came to attend a workshop conducted by Bir Radha Sherpa. Navratri 2017 Colors

Dance+ Plus 3 Winner Name

Artists Result Style Team
Bir Radha Sherpa Winner B-boying and Contemporary Punit
Tarun and Shivani Third runner-up Contemporary Dharmesh
Amardeep Singh Natt First Runner-up Robotics Dharmesh
Aryan Patra Second Runnerup Krumping Dharmesh

Also, It was revealed that Bir Radha Sherpa is one of the finalists of the show. The super cool Amardeep Singh Natt came after him from Dharmesh’s team performed well but didn’t make the final list till now. Sadly, he was not a finalist and had to again ask for votes. After that Tarun and Shivani gave a stunning contemporary performance about a mother who is sent away to an old-age home by her son.

Participants Details

12 dancers were selected after audition and each mentor was given 4 dancers each.


Artist Dance type Mentor
Tarun and Shivani Contemporary Dharmesh
Amardeep Singh Natt Robotics Dharmesh
The Tuttix Crew Tutting Dharmesh
Aryan Patra Krumping Dharmesh
Nostalgia Rhythmic beat kill Shakti
Sri Rama Nataka Niketan Bharatanatyam Shakti
Chow En Lai Phukan Contemporary Shakti
Jeet Das Bollywood Shakti
Bir Radha Sherpa B-boying and contemporary Punit
House of Suraj Waacking Punit
AVP Crew Hip-hop Punit
Ayush & Mukesh Contemporary Punit

So, out of these 12 participants, only 4 are left for the final showdown.

Dance Plus 3 Winner Name Well, their performance is too good and In fact after that everyone including Tarun was too emotional. Even they got +10 from Remo also It was a happy moment as they also made it to the finals of the show.  You can’t say right now that which team is going to win the final show but Bir Radha Sherpa and Tarun-Shivani both are looking equally competitive for the final show.

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