Here, in this blog we are going to tell you about, how to block your Airtel SIM. As we, all know that  trouble can’t tell before. If a Airtel SIM user lost his/her sim or they lost their cell phone in which the customer use the SIM. So how they will block the SIM. There is lots of situation where the Airtel customer have to block. I your cell phone will get stolen so firstly you have to block you SIM. It’s a very first important step because they can misused the SIM anywhere.

how to deactivate airtel sim?

How to Block Airtel SIM?

Airtel is one of the popular mobile operator and they are basically famous for the 4G internet speed. Before the Reliance JIO lunch, Airtel was the largest telecome company. There is lots of reason to block the SIM. Like the customers lost their mobile, lost their SIM, or if the user want to exchange their SIM because he don’t want to use Airtel. SO, here in this blog mentioned three way to block your Airtel SIM.

1. By Way Of Airtel Customer Care

If the user want to use this methodology, so they must be a user of one more SIM. Because if the customer have one another SIM so they can call to the Airtel customer service. When you call them , so keep in your mind you have to take your some id proofs. Customer service  have to do their duty first and they verify the phone number with user. They will ask your address, Father’s date of birth or many other things. It’s a important part of the their job because they have to confirm that you are the real owner of the SIM or not.

Below are the steps to block Airtel SIM:

  • Dial these digits 198 or 121.
  • Now talk to Airtel customer service spokeperson
  • Discuss you problem with him/her and tell them to blocked the SIM
  • you have to prepaire with some basic questions, basic profile, last call record, last recharge, and the the reason you want to block the Airtel SIM.
  • Then your SIM card will be block with the help of Airtel customer service.

2. By Way Of Airtel Store

If the user have the there near by Airtel store, so they have to direct go there without wasting the time. Tell them about your issues and blocke your SIM. request then as soon as possible please block my SIM. Store man will be verify the user because they have to confirm owner of the SIM. Then your Airtel  SIM will be deactivated within a few days. If any case they can’t able to block your SIM in few days so you can also email them to proceed your request.

3. By Way Of Online

To proceed the online protocol user have to be a Airtel ID card it’s compulsary. Which helps to user updates on Airtel official website. Here given below the following steps which helps you to block your Airtel SIM online read it:

how to deactivate airtel sim online?

  •  direct go to the Airtel official website
  • then login with you Airtel ID
  • Go to the “Help & support” feature
  • now, click there and with the help of drop down select deactivate option
  • Then, you see there many option Airtel Hello Tunes Deactivation, SMS Services Blocking and SIM blocking.
  • Select the SIM blocking option
  • Then you have to fill some details.
  • After few days your SIM will be blocked through the online process which user done.
  • Please note one more important thing is that the process will be done by 2-3  working days and deactivate your SIM card.  And if user want to block early so, the my advise is you have to follow upper below methods.

How to Activate the Airtel SIM?

If the user want restart their SIM after blocked the SIM, then read this article continue. There is main 2 way, which help to user to activate the Airtel SIM again. 2 method of activate the sim which is given below:

Method 1 – The first way of unblock the SIM that user have to open a text message in your android phone and type STOP and send the msg on 1925, then dial *567*10# to get a 60MB 3G data loan. After doing this process your SIM will be activated within 48 hours.

Method 2 –  To do the second method user have atleast 2rs in their mobile balance. Then go to in your mobile browser, unlock YouTube video trial pack 100MB, and then go to Wynk music and click on Free Download; your SIM will activate when our download reaches 50 to 60%.


If customer lost their mobile so it’s user responsibility to block the SIM. To stop misused of your SIM card it’s a big responsibility to block your Airtel SIM first. We already told you in this blog how to block the Airtel SIM and also told you to re-active your block SIM. For more information stay connect with us and stay safe!

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