Guys, in this article we are going to discuss about the Truecall appllication. Truecaller is one of the popular spam filtering and help to know about the call ID. The app can also send the messages, calling, flash messages and pay UPI. Truecaller are basically help to their user to know the unknown calling, reject the calls and stop help to stop the spam numbers. But sometimes they show wrong name to the correct person in their notification and how to change them. In thi blog we are going to tell you about to change the name.

truecaller application

To know the contact ID Truecaller is one of the best application in India for android mobiles. And the user can easily find the spam calls and messages also. The name of a mobile caller who calls you may also be known with this software. Now you think on how to use this application to know the unknown caller, read below how to know the ID.

What is Truecaller?

One of the most usefull application in android phones. In this android phone generation  we can easily find the caller id from the help of truecaller application. But what happen when that number is not available in your contact list? Truecaller helps to know the unknown number. This application also help to know the spam calls. If someone is trying to contact you, then truecaller will show you the name, it’s not matter that number will available in your contact or not.

1. Why Does Truecaller Display the Wrong Name?

Although, if you are a school teacher and you teach the class in a school. So everyone  saved your number according to them like someone save school teacher, and other save XYZ, but not save your number with your exact name. Then the application includes many name and show the name according to your contact list, and you get wrong number.

One another reason why truecaller show the wrong identity, when a customer buy a new number but that number is already used by another person.

How to Change Name in Truecaller?

As we discussed in above details why truecaller show the wrong identity of the caller, now we find the solution here. To change the name in truecaller application is one of the easiest work . You have two option to solve the solution you can download the application, otherwise you go through on the official website. We discuss about both solution in detail.

1. Change Name in Truecaller via App

The user have to go in playstore and download the application and they can change their name. To change your name in truecaller follow the below steps:

  • use firstly go to google store or play store to download the truecaller
  • then the application will send you a text message for the verification
  • start the app and enter the menu which they want
  • enter your first name and last name in truecaller.
  • You are done! You updated the TrueCaller database and fixed your misname. Now, they’ll see your proper name on TrueCaller if you’re calling someone who doesn’t have your phone number.

2. Change Name in Truecaller via the Official Website

In the second step the user have to update their name in the truecaller official website. Below are the steps in details to change name :

  • go through the website and click here.
  • After logging watch in your cell phone.  A screen similar to this should be created
  • then click on the suggest name
  • Now you change the name on truecaller, only you have to imput the new name and inpur the form.

You can see clearly that this method can’t help to investigate the owner of the number. In truecaller database anyone can suggest or tell to change the name in database. It’s also depend on the truecaller workers that the purposal is incorrect or correct. This is the pattern of the second opton but it’s depend that it’s work or not. User can use first method better but you can use name suggestions facility,  if you’re in a crowd don’t have a mobile connection to install the app.

How to Delete your Number from TrueCaller?

Now, if you don’t want to use the truecaller application in your android so uninstall the app. Also you want to delete your number from the truecaller , keep following the below steps:

  • go to the truecaller application in your mobile
  • then select the menu or more options
  • then select the setting options
  • in phone show a list, select the privacy option
  • when it’s over go to the truecaller unlist.
  • now dial the country number for your mobile number

So, it’s very easy to learn to save or remove your name. To know more informations and many more  things keep follow our website and stay connect with us.

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