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As we know Facebook is one of the popular social media site which is used by maximum number of people in all over world. We all know about the FB from very long time. Facebook is start as a college project but now it’s a international brand. And now this is very useful in our life. Though, Facebook messenger still the important part. But all we know mistakes can do anyone, that’s why when anyone use messenger for the chat or anything else so we can also did mistakes. If you want to re-correct your mistake and want to know how to re-correct our mistake, so you are on correct place. In this blog we discuss in details about how to delete the wrong messages from both sides. So without taking more time let’s go on next detail.

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Messages From Both Sides?

When you want to delete your Facebook messages that time your device is also matters. If you think that in your mobile there is no feature then you are wrong. Because it’s fact every important feature are available in device. It’s only different in methodology, but we made it easy for you. In below paragraph we explained in details about every device, so choose your device and keep follow the steps carefully.

[Note: To delete your message from messenger from both side you have only 600 seconds(10 minutes). If you cross this time limit then you don’t delete the message. That’s why we just giving you advice that you have to decide fast to delete the message.]

How to Delete Facebook Messages Permanently from Both Sides? - AppsForPcPlanet

1. On Android

Most of the people are still using the android mobile phone so they get feature early from another ones and use. Now, your want to learn the the process of delete the wrong message from both side then keep follow the below given steps:

1.Firstly open the messenger application in your android and if you are not sign in so, sign in your account.

2.Then go in your conversation list on Facebook.

3.Then open those conversation where you want to delete the message.

4.Then tap that message (or messages) which you want to delete from both side.

5.In the conversation menu that will pop up, choose Remove.

6.Now, pop-menu have the two options, then go there and click on unsend option.

The process is finish now, the message is delete from both side the reciever  of another side can’t see the message which you sent by mistake.

2. On iPhone

If you are a iPhone user, then you have to follow some steps to delete the message from both side. As you know that we have only 600 seconds to remove the that message. Keep follow the below steps:

1.iPhone user open the Facebook messenger. If you don’t have the application so first download the app.

2.Then, if you don’t sign in your account, so sign in your account in messenger.

3.Go to Facebook home screen, then you see the all conversation detail.

4.Then tap that message (those messages) which you want to delete from both side.

5. In the conversation menu that will pop up, tap on the Remove option.

6. one pop-up open and there is a option of remove for you or unsend, then click on unsend.

That’s it, now you delete that wrong message which you don’t want to send, it’s remove from both side. And receiver can’t able to read.

3. On Windows

If the Facebook user send the message by mistake to the wrong person and your phone get switch off. Now, you don’t need to afraid just go to your window computer and keep follow the below given steps:

  1. Open the Facebook website.
  2. Enter your credentials to sign in.
  3. then you see on screen the messenger icon on right site, click here.
  4. then you saw there a list of conversation.
  5. then open that chat which you want to remove(or you send right now)
  6. tap that message or messages and then you see a pop-up
  7. click on remove option
  8. your see two options, delete for you or unsend you have to click on unsend option.

It’s over, now your messages remove from both side and the receiver can’t get that message. Till then you don’t send the message again.


The full blog are about, how to delete the message from the both site on messenger. In this article we explain it in details or step. For more information stay connect with us and keep following our website. Stay Safe!

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