In this article we learn how to solve the Youtube 400 problem. One of the best platform is Youtube for sharing the videos, social media video. On this platform definitely you saw any video or listen any song. This video sharing platform is a part of the google. If you have google application then you can easily access this app.

Many people are using this app fort their default video sharing platform. It offers a user-friendly algorithm that helps in getting suggestions based on your interest. But anything is not perfect everywhere. Recently youtube facing the errors. These errors are in numeric numbers like 400, 401 and so on. if you are afcing the same here so your on correct place. In this blog we are discussing all about the youtube error- 400, 401. And mentioned the solution of you problem in detail.

How to Fix YouTube Error 400?

What is Youtube Error 400?

This is directly from the device error or internet error. You can solve it very easily to follow some following step. Here we discuss some methods in detail or in steps.

1. Check your Internet Connection

There is lots of example when your internet is not working. you have to face this error. Some times your wifi is not working. You can simply check your internet connection by easily searching for something on Google. Or you can manually of your wifi and then again restart. If you are using your mobile data, then only your flight mode. Wait for 10 seconds and then start. Check that problem is solve. If  no, then read and test these following methods.

How to Fix YouTube Error 400?

2. Restart Your Device

Sometimes a normal reboot are solve your android or ios problem. To move on to other queries first try to reboot your device first. There is the steps in details.

  • press power button for 3 seconds
  • In the list of options that appeared, click on Restart.
  • this will reboot your android. check your problem is solve.

How to Fix YouTube Error 400?

3. Check Date and Time on Your Device

Sometimes because of your device mismatch time and date are the basic and important issue. That’s why first you have to analysis. Again set your time date in your android follow the steps. These following are help in automatically set up in your android phone.

  • open setting in your device.
  • in the list of options, go to settings.
  • in setting click on “date and time”.
  • Toggle on the option that says “Set Automatically”.
  • now your device date and time match with the server
  • now check your issue is solve or not

4. Clear Youtube’s Data and Cookies

With continuous usage of Youtube, the app create cache and cookies which sometimes hinders the usage of the app. So to clear that cache this is the best way. Here are the all details how you can do this. Below are the steps of following details according to user mobile phone android or iPhone. Read below:

  1. Open your setting in your device.
  2. in the list of option click on “application”.
  3. In your device see your installation list. search for “youtube”.
  4. open the app settings. Click on Force Stop. This will completely stop all the processes of youtube on your device.
  5. Now click and clean your data. This will remove the data from your device.
  6. Now open the application and login in google. Now check your problem is solve.

How to Fix YouTube Error 400?

5. Disable Youtube App Updates

One more option which will help as well as, we can updates our youtube application in our device. These are the some example where in new updates there is bug, which create this issue. So it’s important that first you have to switch off in your device the automatic updates. Below are mention the following steps:

  1. Open the settings in your device.
  2. list of the option click on application
  3. In your device screen you will see the install. Search for the Youtube.
  4. In the upper right side you will see the three dots. Click there.
  5. And tap on uninstall app. This will take the app to the last stable version.  Now check is your issue is solve or not yet?


In this article we give the all solution of youtube error 400. If these solution are not working for you, then you have only last option to contact with the customer care number and discuss your issues with them. They will definetely help you to resolve the problem. For more information or knowledge stay connect with us and keep following out website. Stay Safe and healthy.


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