Guy’s in this blog we are going to discuss about the iPhone wifi connection issues. Sometimes it’s happen with everyone that you are with your friend and your friend is iPhone user but he finished his data, and want wifi connection. As a friend he expect your help. And if you have also a one but don’t know how to connect wifi with another phone, so are on right place to get the solution. Here we are discuss all the details which helps you to connect your iPhone with wifi or internet connection. In this article we mentioned the methods these all are working in every device.  So, your friend want internet easily it’s not compulsory that you also have a iPhone. So let’s go ahead to know the process.

How to Share WiFi on iPhone?


There is 3 different methods, which helps you to connect wifi with iPhone user. And each methods have there own specific. We discuss all the methods one bye one in steps, so keep following the below given steps.

How to Share WiFi on iPhone with a Friend?

This is not a big deal which we have to be a part of this case. But if it’s happen, then we have to know how to connect wifi in iPhone and how to connect with other device or connection. Which we really don’t know. To do these things you have to follow below steps:

  1. Open the setting in your iPhone
  2. Go on cellular and then go personal hotspot option.
  3. give the permission to another person and starts




That’s it now your friend connect wifi easily with your hotspot and use internet data.

Though, you ask about how to connect personal hotspot on iPhone. So don’t worry and follow these following steps:

  1. Go on settings and tap on cellular
  2. Under the Personal Hotspot option, tap on WiFi Password
  3. Now type a new password for your hotspot. We are just  give you a suggestion that you have to write minimum 8 characters. And then tap on save password.
  4. Now in future you can change your password anytime, again follow this steps.
  5. Now again go on setting and then come on general tab
  6. Under the About section, you will find the Name option.
  7. then tap on this and now change your iPhone name. When you starts your hotspot then everyone see that name which you uploaded.

This is all about that how to set up your personal hotspot on iPhone. Now, your can easily connect your wifi in iPhone,  even though you set up a personal hotspot or not. But you will follow the same steps to do this process, if you want to connect wifi from your iPhone to Mac or computer? The solution are given below with detail.

How to Share WiFi on iPhone with Your Mac or PC?

As you won iPhone with Mac or PC , why would you have to type password again and again for the authenticity in your phone? It’s get irritating and you start missing an missing and user – friendly available to all the apple user. We will discuss about this in the post but do you know that in your Mac or PC connect your iphone wifi there three methods? So let’s go and discuss about the methods in steps:

1. use the USB cable

If you have the window computer then you use this method. Although you can also use this method to connect the Mac. Below given the all steps in detail:

  1. with the help of USB cable you connect your PC or Mac with the iPhone.
  2. then you see a pop-up were you see that you trust on computer. Now, click on trust
  3. in your PC open the network settings and click on network tab
  4. then you will see easily the list of connection. Select your iPhone name.


That’s it. Now your USB cable work as a ethernet cable and you can easily use high speed internet in your computer. Therefor, we also told you that the Mac users also have a very beneficial feature, which we discuss in the next part.

2. Using WiFi and Instant Hotspot

  1. Open your Mac and sign in using the same Apple ID as on iPhone.
  2. open your personal hotspot in your iPhone
  3. then on the wifi in your Mac

That’s it. Then your Mac identify the hotspot of your iPhone and then connect automatically. Did you noticed that you don’t need any password for the connection? When you are under the Apple ecosystem then you have this opportunity.

3. Using Bluetooth

If you don’t have a USB cable, then you can’t use the USB tethering method as  we already discuss about on this matter in this above post. Then, you connect your iPhone or PC with the help of Bluetooth tethering. Follow the below given steps:

  1. start the Bluetooth in your iPhone
  2. Then open your personal hotspot in your mobile
  3. Open the setting in your PC and go to device
  4. click on Bluetooth and connect with your iPhone

Using Bluetooth in iPhone

That’s it, After connecting your iPhone or PC you can easily use the internet. Therefor, what will happen if you want to connect wifi another device like apple watch? We will discuss about this in the below steps.

How to Share WiFi on iPhone with Your Other Apple Devices?

To connect the another Apple devices with the internet there is two methods. We will discuss about both methods.

1. Connect to a Friend’s Apple Devices

  1. open the personal hotspot in your Apple iPhone
  2. open the setting in your friend device (like, iPod touch)
  3. choose the wifi and then tap on your personal hotspot in your iPhone
  4. after indication enter the password


That’s it. Now, your friend device will connect with the wifi. Although, if the devices are your own then you don’t need to enter the password. Know how to do it in the next section.

2. Connect to Your Own Apple Device

To know the method first we also have to knowledge about that how to know Apple that two devices are used by the 1 person. Answer is Apple ID. That’s why if you don’t want to enter the password to reconnect wifi in your iPhone, then use the same Apple ID in every device. These are the steps:

  1. open the wifi and bluetooth in each and every device
  2. then open the personal hotspot in your iPhone
  3. which two devices are under the range, they connect fast and then you see a blue bar in your iPhone.


This article is all about the how to connect wifi in your iPhone. If the iPhone user have some issue regarding the internet connection then this article is definitely help them. For more information and want to get the knowledge then stay connect with us. And keep follow our website.

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