The majority of students hate the boredom that is caused by reading books, they wish that there was an alternative way of studying that is enjoyable. There are many apps in the App Store and Google Play Store, but they lack customizations. Kahoot Login is a one-stop solution for both students and teachers. The app can convert boring history lessons into a fun and interactive game in which all the students can participate in real-time. It is a collaborative platform where students can learn new things daily too. There are so many lessons on the app already and teachers can make their own games too. In this page Kahoot login is given, you can download the Kahoot app from Google Playstore and Proceed.

Kahoot Login

Kahoot comes for free and can be accessed through the majority of devices, be it Android, iOS, or via the web. Kahoot Login can be available for everyone and you all can download it easily. It is a very interesting app and the users can download and use it with ease. The app has become so popular that “Kahooting” has become an unofficial verb. Thousands of students are learning and growing with the use of this app.

Now, how to get started? As said earlier, this app is a hundred percent free for everyone. All you need to do is create Kahoot account and get started. This guide will show you step by step procedure to creating a new Kahoot account. After following these steps you will land in the world of perpetual learning.

How to Sign Up for Kahoot Account?

Step One.

You need to access the official Kahoot website for creating your own Kahoot account. Here is the link to the official Kahoot website.

Visit: kahoot it Login

Step Two.

After you click on the given link, you will see a new page that has four squares; each of which is an alternative to how you want to access the application. They will be labelled as “As a teacher”, “As a student”, “Socially”, and “At Work”. Just select any of the following options to explore the platform. Let’s choose the Student option for the sake of this guide.

Step Three.

When you have chosen the “As a student” option, the next page will ask you “How do you want to sign in?” There will be three new options available now for signing up.

The available options would comprise:

  1. Sign up with Google.
  2. Sign up with Microsoft, or
  3. Sign up with Email.

Select the option which makes your setup hassle-free. If you have a Gmail account then choose the Sign up with Google option and you’ll be ready to roll.

Step Four.

Now, Kahoot will ask you for some personal information and other required information.

Step Five.

The page will ask you to add some details to the given form.

The information will be as:

Your school or college name, your desired username, and then check the accept terms and condition box.

Look for the “Join Kahoot” option and voila! Your account is ready to use.

Now, you have successfully created your personal Kahoot account. Now, if you want to create another account ever, you will need to follow this guide step by step again.

But if you don’t know how to Sign in on the platform with your details then you need to follow a few more steps for that.

How to log in as a Student in Kahoot?

Note: You can only proceed further if you have created an official Kahoot account as a student. If you haven’t done so, please follow the guide above.

Kahoot it Login

Step One.

The first step is to go to the official website of Kahoot platform. The following link will take you to the home page of Kahoot.

Visit: kahoot

Step Two.

On the homepage, in the top right corner, you will see “Already have an account? Log in!”

Step Three.

Click on the button.

Step Four.

The next page will be the login page where you have to enter your Account details such as Username and Password.

Step Five.

Once you have entered the credentials, just click on the Login button and you will get to the dashboard of your account.

This was the guide for how you can login as a student, but if you have a Teacher account then here is how you can do it.

Kahoot Login as a teacher

Just follow the same steps as “As a student” till step three. Step four, enter the credentials of your Teacher account. After clicking on Login you will enter the dashboard of the Kahoot teacher interface.

Kahoot Login

Kahoot Login into your Account

Step One.

Start your computer and open the web browser application on it.

Step Two.

In the address bar of your web browser, visit the official Kahoot website for playing. The link is given below for the official website.

Step Three.

Once you click on the above mentioned official Kahoot link, you will be presented with the home page of the Kahoot platform.

Step Four.

At the home page, in the top right corner, you will see a login option besides the Sign-Up button. If you don’t have a Kahoot account then follow the first guide on this page and you will be ready. Now, since you have your Kahoot account, you will click on Login.

Step Five.

The Login page will pop-up and ask you for the Username or Email and respective password associated with your Kahoot’s account.

Step Six.

After entering the correct user credentials, click on the Sign In button.

Step Seven.

You will see the dashboard of your Kahoot account. You can now start your voyage of productivity and learning on the Kahoot platform.

The steps are not different for signing in as a teacher. All you have to do is just enter the details of your Teacher Account. If you don’t know how to do this, see our first guide on the page.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kahoot

Is Kahoot involved in collecting personal information from students?

Kahoot only collects email IDs from students just for sending Password reminders. Kahoot is not involved in the collection of any data from users for any other purpose.

Is Kahoot available in the mobile application form?

Kahoot is available for Android and iOS devices. You can also download it on your Windows 10 PC store.

Are services from Kahoot available for free?

Kahoot was a completely free platform for every type of user. However, recently it has changed to a Premium subscription-based platform which requires a subscription to make full use of it. Yet, the platform is free for students and teachers for learning.

How is my email address used?

Kahoot uses the email address of its users only to send Password reminders and send additional promotional emails for the platform. You may also get emails about the latest changes in the platform.

Can I change my Kahoot details? If yes, then how?

Yes, you can change your Kahoot account details anytime. The process is very easy, all you need to do is to log in to your Kahoot account and click on the option “My Account”. There would be a settings icon from where you can select the Edit Profile option. Over here, you can change your email ID and any other useful information related to your Kahoot account.

What are the ways to reach Kahoot’s customer support?

With impeccable customer service, Kahoot is always ready to solve your queries. With your Kahoot account logged in, you need to click on the Support section. All your requirements will be visible there.

Kahoot support team is active on Twitter and Facebook. Kahoot is available on Twitter as @KahootSupport and you can message the support team on the official Facebook page.

Is it possible to delete your Kahoot account?

Yes, anyone can delete their Kahoot account. After logging into your Kahoot account, just select your username from the upper right corner. Here you will see the option “Delete My Account”. After clicking on it, the website will prompt you with a confirmation message, confirm the process and you’ll be done.

What is a public profile in Kahoot?

First of all, Kahoot is a completely secure platform and no one can view your personal information. However, you can make your account public which will reveal all your information to everyone including the Kahoots you created.

What is meant by an “Under 16 account” in Kahoot?

These accounts are designed for students below the age of 16. They cannot search for Kahoots on the platform nor can they share any Kahoot.

What are Kahoot Paid Accounts?

As told earlier, Kahoot has turned into a Premium subscription-based platform. You need to pay for collaborating on Kahoot and many other features. But the use of Kahoot is always free.

How to find a Game PIN on Kahoot?

Kahoot generates a unique game PIN for every game that is made on it. This PIN is crucial to joining a Kahoot on the platform. For a Kahoot PIN, you need to be present at the location where the Kahoot is being hosted. You will see the Kahoot when the game is launched and that’s how you can find a game PIN in Kahoot.

Kahoot Login is given here. You all can easily log in on Kahoot by following the simple instructions. Also, you can learn about the Kahoot Signup, and then you can do whatever you want via this app. If you have any questions then you all can ask us down in the comment section. Kahoot Login isn’t that hard to find and all you need to go through this article and instructions.

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