Popcorn Time APK for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac Free Download Popcorn Time is a video streaming service that looks into torrents to stream a video; it basically streams torrent movies to its users. In this way, Popcorn time has access to a large pool of videos to stream. Popcorn time is somewhat a modified Bit Torrent client. Popcorn time was developed back in May 2014 by a developer in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Later on, the application was shut down due to legal restrictions.

Popcorn Time APK

Just because Popcorn Time was a big hit amongst the mass thus some other people, around 20 contributors, have taken over this software. They have even released the application for Android on which Tech Crunch commented: “Hollywood’s worst nightmare just went mobile”. That is why this app is so hot nowadays.


Though the app is loaded with numerous features but yet we will enlist the most important ones.

  1. Popcorn Time taps into torrent files for you and then streams the output to you, in this way you guys can watch copyrighted content free of cost without the problems related to finding a good torrent.
  2. You don’t need an emulator to run this app on your PC as it has a Windows and Mac release already. Available on android as well.
  3. There are more number of people who use Popcorn Time than Netflix due to ease of use and free content. You can bank upon this app.
  4. The layout is easier to understand and makes it easy to watch movies. The app is malware free and there are no viruses.


When there are so many good things then there might be a few drawbacks as well. Here are those

  1. Since it is based completely on torrent then if nobody seeds that torrent then there won’t be any new movies. They should have direct servers.
  2. There are minor bugs in the application and performance issues are faced too often unless you have a high end phone.

Well, all these cons are overpowered by the pros this application has. But there’s no harm in trying out alternative applications if you think that these problems will bother you a lot.

Popcorn Time for Android

How to install this application

For Android users

The most powerful operating system available on handheld devices is Android for sure. The large number of applications supported by Android makes it the most preferred application for smart-phones. The android application of Popcorn time is available on their official website. Here’s the step by step guide to download it –

  1. Go to Settings and then under the Security subheading enable installation of application from Unknown Sources.
  2. Once done, open this link in your browser and download the APK
  3. After successful download, open the APK by tapping on it
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions. Press Install
  5. Voila! There you go. Launch the application form the app drawer.

Done! Now enjoy unlimited movies and free content for free on your mobile device.

Popcorn Time for iOS

For iOS devices

Sorry, but there is no iOS version of this application available till now. But we have heard that the developers are constantly working upon it and we will update you if the iOS version is available any time soon. For this stay tuned to our website and you can yet enjoy Popcorn time on your PC.

Popcorn Time for PC

For PC

Whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux, Popcorn time is available for all. Here is the complete guide to download and install it on your PC

  • For Windows
  1. First go to this link and download the application for Windows
  2. Then open the installation file
  3. Follow on the screen instructions while choosing the installation destination and customizing desktop shortcuts and quick launch.
  4. Once the installation is complete Click on Finish
  • For Mac
  1. First go to this link and download the .dmg installation file
  2. There is a gatekeeper on very Mac device that restricts installation of software from unknown sources.
  3. Open the .dmg file and click on Allow when it asks for proceeding anyway
  4. Then open the application and click on Ok again.
  • For Ubuntu
  1. Download the File for Ubuntu from the following link.
  2. Then click on the .deb installation file
  3. Click on Install and Popcorn time will get installed

Your computer just got converted into an entertainment hub.

Final Words

Picture Time is an amazing concept as it saves all the time of downloading a torrent and then watching it. Downloading it has no harms as everyone enjoys watching movies and reviews from everywhere have indicated that the app is safe. Despite of all the drawbacks this application is a good streaming service and the developers are quite responsive as well. Download it and then feel the bliss of movies and TV.

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