Usually get looking for the Pet value list in the Roblox adopt me the user has compiled all list of animals as well as pets which could easily get a trade in the game as the particular list has the values of all the pets as along with containing several tiers as under which the user mainly fall under it, and all this would help the user in making differentiate in between the pets, and in between their trades.

Roblox adopt pet value list 2022

Legendary pet values

Pet name Normal value


Arctic Reindeer 5.75
Axolotl 0.7
Blue dog 5.25
Cerberus 0.55
Cobra 0.35
Diamond Griffin 0.6
Crow 15.25
Frost 33.75+
Frost Fury 2.5
Giraffe 62.5+
Gold dragon 0.65
Gold penguin 0.35


Common pets

Pet name Trading value


Bandicoot 1.5
Buffalo 2
Chicken 3
Ground sloth 1.5
Pumpkin TBA
Robin 2.5
Chick TBA
Cat 1
Stingray 2
Tazmanian Tiger 2


Uncommon pet values

Uncommon pets for Roblox Adopt me are largely limited in the nature being as rather than to the numerical values, and being as due to all these main pets, and their limited nature, the main items get closed in the values are listed for.

Pet name Trading values of pets


Blue dog Harm egg
Pet rock Unavailable
Wolf Watermelon Backpack
Snowman Hypnotic Frisby
Snowcat Pogo stick
Puma WDC Badge
Meerkat Diamond Egg
Silly Duck Heart Plushie
Stegosaurus Eco green vine Barrette
Wild Boar Levitation potion
Dingo Blueberry Pie
Capybara Pumpkin stroller
Bat Eco blue Reusable Bottle Backpack
Pink cat Crocodile
Glyptodon Stegosaurus
Drake Festive Holly Propeller


Halloween Pet adopt me value list

Pet name Trading values


Skele dog 1.75
Gold Mummy cat 5.5
Evil Dachshund 1.25
Evil Unicycle 3
Albino Mummy cat 0.5
Ghost dragon 11.5
Black mummy cat Not applicable


Get free pets in the Roblox Adopt me the list

Adopt me is one of the best, and the famous games on Roblox which had been got hype since March 2021, as there are various Adopt my sites, and all those players who are being got suffering/struggling to get their hands on the pets in the game is that there is no any other way to get lookup for what had been got covered. Adopt me was an adoption simulator game in which the user has played a role with the parent, and for which the child is being got adopted, but after some time, is get converted into the game in where the players can adopt the pet animals, and also making the collection of all such pets.

Three main ways to get pets as for freely

Earning in the game points: This is one of the easiest ways to get the free pets in Adopt me, as though playing a game, as in this, the user can play games in the in-game points, and then they could easily use them to the buy pets from the in-game pet store.

Special events: The user needs to get participate in some special events as with this they can earn free points, and also a free pet but the vents do not occur so frequently in any of the games.

The star rewards: For this, the user needs to earn the star rewards, and this is one of the most effortless ways to get the free pets in Adopt me as star rewards are the main points which is simply get deposited in the account of every player. So, for this, the user needs to sign in to earn the stars, and they could also buy the stars for the free pets.

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