Here, in this blog we are going to discuss about one of the best entertainment service provider on television. One of the best service provider is TATA Sky and the best popular channel are available here. TATA Sky is prepare the specific channel list for the viewers. In this article we are providing you fast guide for all TATA sky channel lists.

tata sky channel list price

TATA sky have lots of channel for enjoyment or entertainment and national languages with an enormous client base. Audience have their own priorities channel. TATA Sky provides approx 562 channel to DTH in India. Here we are discuss about some specific channel list. The clients also maintain their own channel list which they prefer and list them according to you. Also order your daily soap according to client preference.

TATA Sky channel list with Number and price

If you are a subscriber of Tata Sky who is seeking the whole channel list with the corresponding channel number, you may verify whether you have the same channels here. In every channel HD and SD are mention, that you also have the same channel. Below are the following list of the channel:

1. Hindi Entertainment

As we know the whole Indian are like the Hindi channel. We will watch these channels with family. Although the list of Hindi Entertainment is non-exhaustive. Below are the following channel list :


Tata Sky Channel List Tata Sky Channel Number HD/SD Price Channel Logo
&TV 139 SD ₹14.16 &TV
&TV HD 137 HD ₹22.42 &TV HD
Big Magic 176 SD ₹0.12 Big Magic
Colors 149 SD ₹22.42 Colors
Colors HD 147 HD ₹22.42 Colors HD
Colors Rishtey 173 SD ₹1.18 Colors Rishtey
Dangal 177 SD Free Dangal
DD Kisan 198 SD Free DD Kisan
DD National 114 SD Free DD National
iLove 834 SD Free iLove
Investigation Discovery 155 SD ₹1.18 Investigation Discovery
SET 130 SD ₹22.42 SET
SET HD 128 HD ₹22.42 SET HD
Sony Pal 174 SD ₹1.18 Sony Pal
Sony SAB 134 SD ₹22.42 Sony SAB
Sony SAB HD 132 HD ₹22.42 Sony SAB HD
Star Bharat 122 SD ₹11.80 Star Bharat
Star Bharat HD 121 HD ₹22.42 Star Bharat HD
Star Plus 117 SD ₹22.42 Star Plus
Star Plus HD 115 HD ₹22.42 Star Plus HD
STAR Utsav 171 SD ₹1.18 STAR Utsav
UTV Bindass 153 SD ₹1.18 UTV Bindass
Zee Anmol 172 SD ₹0.12 Zee Anmol
Zee TV 143 SD ₹22.42 Zee TV
Zee TV HD 141 HD ₹22.42 Zee TV HD
Zindagi 164 SD Free Zindagi

2. English Entertainment

Even though the maximum people prefer the Hindi channel but still there is some people who are interesting in English channel. Below are the list f channel:


Tata Sky Channel List Tata Sky Channel Number HD/SD Price Channel Logo
Colors Infinity 226 SD ₹5.90 Colors Infinity
Colors Infinity HD 224 HD ₹10.62 Colors Infinity HD
Comedy Central 230 SD ₹5.90 Comedy Central
Comedy Central HD 229 HD ₹10.62 Comedy Central HD
Disney International HD 232 HD ₹14.16 Disney International HD
HBO 364 SD ₹11.80 HBO
HBO HD 363 HD ₹17.70 HBO HD
Star World 206 SD ₹9.44 Star World
Star World HD 204 HD ₹10.62 Star World HD
Star World Premiere HD 208 HD ₹10.62 Star World Premiere HD
WB 369 SD ₹1.18 WB
Zee Cafe 220 SD ₹17.70 Zee Cafe
Zee Cafe HD 218 HD ₹22.42 Zee Cafe HD

3. Hindi Movies

Hindi films are one of the most watched category on DTH services. So, if clients want to joint the Hindi movie channel or remove, check list here. In the list channel name, price and also mention the HD/SD includes.


Tata Sky Channel List Tata Sky Channel Number HD/SD Price Channel Logo
&pictures 332 SD ₹7.08 &pictures
&pictures HD 331 HD ₹22.42 &pictures HD
B4U Kadak 334 SD Free B4U Kadak
B4U Movies 337 SD Free B4U Movies
Bflix Movies 345 SD Free Bflix Movies
Cinema TV India 333 SD Free Cinema TV India
Colors Cineplex 342 SD ₹3.54 Colors Cineplex
Colors Cineplex HD 341 HD ₹5.90 Colors Cineplex HD
Maha Movie 351 SD Free Maha Movie
Manoranjan TV 350 SD Free Manoranjan TV
Sony Max 314 SD ₹17.70 Sony Max
Sony Max 2 338 SD ₹1.18 Sony Max 2
Sony Max HD 312 HD ₹20.06 Sony Max HD
Sony Wah 336 SD ₹1.18 Sony Wah
Star Gold 310 SD ₹9.44 Star Gold
Star Gold 2 317 SD ₹1.18 Star Gold 2
Star Gold HD 308 HD ₹11.80 Star Gold HD
Star Gold Select 340 SD ₹8.26 Star Gold Select
Star Gold Select HD 339 HD ₹11.80 Star Gold Select HD
Star Utsav Movies 346 SD ₹1.18 Star Utsav Movies
Surya Cinema 352 SD Free Surya Cinema
UTV Action 325 SD ₹2.36 UTV Action
UTV HD 322 HD ₹9.44 UTV HD
UTV Movies 323 SD ₹2.36 UTV Movies
Wow Cinema One 343 SD Free Wow Cinema One
Zee Action 335 SD ₹1.18 Zee Action
Zee Anmol Cinema 348 SD ₹0.12 Zee Anmol Cinema
Zee Bollywood 327 SD ₹2.36 Zee Bollywood
Zee Cinema 321 SD ₹17.70 Zee Cinema
Zee Cinema HD 319 HD ₹22.42 Zee Cinema HD
Zee Classic 328 SD ₹0.59 Zee Classic

4. English Movies

The set of channels that deal with English movies is listed below. The list involves channel name, its cost as well as HD/SD.


Tata Sky Channel List Tata Sky Channel Number HD/SD Price Channel Logo
&flix 366 SD ₹17.70 &flix
&flix HD 365 HD ₹22.42 &flix HD
&prive HD 385 HD ₹22.42 &prive HD
MN+ HD 378 HD ₹11.80 MN+ HD
MNX 381 SD ₹7.08 MNX
MNX HD 380 HD ₹10.62 MNX HD
Movies Now 377 SD ₹11.80 Movies Now
Movies Now HD 376 HD ₹14.16 Movies Now HD
Romedy Now 383 SD ₹7.08 Romedy Now
Romedy Now HD 382 HD ₹10.62 Romedy Now HD
Sony Pix 360 SD ₹11.80 Sony Pix
Sony Pix HD 359 HD ₹17.70 Sony Pix HD
Star Movies 355 SD ₹14.16 Star Movies
Star Movies HD 353 HD ₹22.42 Star Movies HD
Star Movies Select HD 370 HD ₹11.80 Star Movies Select HD


5. News channel

In this generation  we all have to be stay updated which is most important thing to go with the world. Newspaper is good but also provides the news channel as well as. So,  here are the list of news channel which provided through the TATA Sky. Here are mention Hindi and English both news channels.


Tata Sky Channel List Tata Sky Channel Number HD/SD Price Channel Logo
A1 TV 1134 SD Free A1 TV
Aaj Tak 509 SD ₹0.89 Aaj Tak
Aaj Tak HD 508 HD ₹1.77 Aaj Tak HD
Aaj Tak Tez 590 SD ₹0.30 Aaj Tak Tez
ABP News 504 SD Free ABP News
APN News 542 SD Free APN News
Bharat Samachar 587 SD Free Bharat Samachar
CNBC Awaaz 595 SD ₹1.18 CNBC Awaaz
DD India 620 SD Free DD India
DD News 502 SD Free DD News
DD News HD 501 HD Free DD News HD
Hindi Khabar 583 SD Free Hindi Khabar
India News 522 SD Free India News
India TV 514 SD Free India TV
INH 24X7 1156 SD Free INH 24X7
Jantantra TV 593 SD Free Jantantra TV
Khabrain Abhi Tak 589 SD Free Khabrain Abhi Tak
Lok Sabha TV 598 SD Free Lok Sabha TV
NDTV India 506 SD ₹1.18 NDTV India
News 1 India 580 SD Free News 1 India
News 24 516 SD Free News 24
News Nation 523 SD Free News Nation
News11 Bharat 579 SD Free News11 Bharat
News18 India 519 SD ₹0.12 News18 India
R Bharat 521 SD Free R Bharat
R9 TV 586 SD Free


Tata Sky Channel List Tata Sky Channel Number HD/SD Price Channel Logo
4TV News 1479 SD Free 4TV News
Al Jazeera 635 SD Free Al Jazeera
BBC World News 633 SD ₹1.18 BBC World News
Channel News Asia 636 SD Free Channel News Asia
CNBC TV18 623 SD ₹4.72 CNBC TV18
CNN International 631 SD ₹0.59 CNN International
CNN News18 611 SD ₹0.59 CNN News18
Dw TV 639 SD Free Dw TV
ET Now 625 SD ₹3.54 ET Now
France 24 637 SD Free France 24
India Ahead 617 SD Free India Ahead
India Today 609 SD ₹1.18 India Today
Mirror Now 614 SD ₹0.59 Mirror Now
NDTV 24×7 604 SD ₹3.54 NDTV 24x7
NDTV Profit Prime 621 SD ₹1.18 NDTV Profit Prime
NewsX 613 SD Free NewsX
Republic TV 616 SD Free Republic TV
Times Now 606 SD ₹3.54 Times Now
Times Now World HD 605 HD ₹5.90 Times Now World HD

6. Sports Channel

Now days the youth of our world are more interested in sports and prefer to watch the sports channel. Here are the some list of sports channel:


Tata Sky Channel List Tata Sky Channel Number HD/SD Price Channel Logo
1Sports 498 SD ₹4.72 1Sports
DD Sports 453 SD Free DD Sports
Eurosport 496 SD ₹4.72 Eurosport
Sony Six 484 SD ₹17.70 Sony Six
Sony Six HD 483 HD ₹22.42 Sony Six HD
Sony Ten 1 471 SD ₹22.42 Sony Ten 1
Sony Ten 1 HD 470 HD ₹22.42 Sony Ten 1 HD
Sony Ten 2 474 SD ₹17.70 Sony Ten 2
Sony Ten 2 HD 473 HD ₹20.06 Sony Ten 2 HD
Sony Ten 3 476 SD ₹20.06 Sony Ten 3
Sony Ten 3 HD 475 HD ₹20.06 Sony Ten 3 HD
Star Sports 1 455 SD ₹22.42 Star Sports 1
Star Sports 1 HD 454 HD ₹22.42 Star Sports 1 HD
Star Sports 1 Hindi 460 SD ₹22.42 Star Sports 1 Hindi
Star Sports 1 Hindi HD 459 HD ₹22.42 Star Sports 1 Hindi HD
Star Sports 2 457 SD ₹7.08 Star Sports 2
Star Sports 2 HD 456 HD ₹22.42 Star Sports 2 HD
Star Sports 3 458 SD ₹4.72 Star Sports 3
Star Sports First 497 SD ₹1.18 Star Sports First
Star Sports Select 1 464 SD ₹22.42 Star Sports Select 1
Star Sports Select 1 HD 463 HD ₹22.42 Star Sports Select 1 HD
Star Sports Select 2 466 SD ₹8.26 Star Sports Select 2
Star Sports Select 2 HD 465 HD ₹11.80 Star Sports Select 2 HD

7. Kids and Music

For the enjoyment music are one of the important part in any function. For kids there is also some animation channel which clients add in their plan or package. List are giver below:


Tata Sky Channel List Tata Sky Channel Number HD/SD Price Channel Logo
Baby TV HD 676 HD ₹1.18 Baby TV HD
Cartoon Network 666 SD ₹5.02 Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network HD+ 665 HD ₹5.90 Cartoon Network HD+
Chintu TV 691 SD ₹7.08 Chintu TV
Chutti TV 690 SD ₹7.08 Chutti TV
Discovery Kids 672 SD ₹3.54 Discovery Kids
Disney Channel 659 SD ₹9.44 Disney Channel
Disney Junior 681 SD ₹4.72 Disney Junior
Hungama TV 655 SD ₹7.08 Hungama TV
Kochu TV 692 SD ₹5.90 Kochu TV
Kushi TV 689 SD ₹4.72 Kushi TV
Marvel HQ 657 SD ₹4.72 Marvel HQ
Nick 663 SD ₹7.08 Nick
Nick HD+ 662 HD ₹11.80 Nick HD+
Nick Jr 680 SD ₹1.18 Nick Jr
Pogo 670 SD ₹5.02 Pogo
Sonic Nickelodeon 674 SD ₹2.36 Sonic Nickelodeon
Sony Yay 686 SD ₹2.36 Sony Yay
Tata Sky Channel List Tata Sky Channel Number HD/SD Price Channel Logo
9X Jalwa 830 SD Free 9X Jalwa
9XM 809 SD Free 9XM
B4U Music 822 SD Free B4U Music
E24 813 SD Free E24
Insync 833 SD Free Insync
Mastiii 825 SD Free Mastiii
MTV 807 SD ₹3.54 MTV
MTV Beats 821 SD ₹0.12 MTV Beats
MTV Beats HD 820 HD ₹1.18 MTV Beats HD
MTV HD+ 806 HD ₹5.90 MTV HD+
Music India 829 SD Free Music India
Showbox 835 SD Free Showbox
Vh1 856 SD ₹1.18 Vh1
Vh1 HD 855 HD ₹2.36 Vh1 HD
Zing 826 SD ₹0.12 Zing
Zoom 811 SD ₹0.59 Zoom


TATA Sky is one of the best service provider and they also have lots of packages for their clients. They provides maximum number of channel to the viewers. Like religion, news, entertaining, movie, etc. They also  have a reasonable price for their clients which is easy to afford. For more information stay connect with us and keep following our websites.

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