In mobile market iPhone is so popular as brand. In America 70% people are using iPhone as their fist priority in mobile phone. Reason is so easy. It offers a user-friendly interface as well as privacy. As compare with the other mobile iPhone is costly but people give the preference first to iPhone. But recently, mostly users are facing a warning that ” the password data are leaked”.

Password Appeared in a Data Leak”

This is the possibility that you receive recently the warning in which mentioned, ” stating, “This password has appeared in a data breach.” If your personal data leak, risk of becoming the victim of a ransomware spank. In this blog we will discuss about the data leak issue and how to solve this problem in detail.

“This Password Appeared In A Data Leak” – What is it?

This warning meaning is that your password is leaked publicly online. And this also possible that your account could be hack through to hackers. Then you are thinking, is this your fault? Answer is no. This is not your mistake but you should do something to rescript this. We will discuss the issues and talking about the methods to solve the issue in the next paragraph.

1. Why Did You Get This Warning Message?

Recently, Apple upgrade the cyber- security in which the user s of iPhone and iPad that their login account are public now.

This facility are provide through the ios 14 and to analyze that your any account have been changed before any verification like recent update can change your phone timing, which website’s security was compromised, you’ll get a warning like this.

How to Solve “This Password Appeared in a Data Leak” Issue?

This is not your fault that your password is leak, but still you have to solve the issues. Otherwise there is lots of possibility that your account can be misused. So here mentioned all the detail in steps.

1. Change Your Password  

Firstly, you have to change your password of your account with a more secure password. In the other words, make a good and difficult passwords to secure your application and platform as well. Your password have to variety numbers, symbols and other special symbols which are mentioned in your screen.

Note – Name, dat of birth and other personal information should not be your password because it’s too easy.

2. Turn Off Your Location Settings

To share your location with others it’s a feature of itself. Apps use this feature to navigate, but this also create the issue for your data and also revealed your current location. You have to close some apps like “Share My Location” which you can’t use. Here is mentioned how you do this:

  1. go setting in your iPhone.
  2. in setting click on privacy.
  3. then go to location service> share my location
  4. then you choose the app and close it which you can’t use ever.

3. Do Not Join Unknown Wifi

There is lots of example where you use free wifi which you connect and use the data. But , suggestion is that do not use these wifi connection. That’s why disconnect your internet from unknown wifi and in future be careful and avoid these free kind of networks.

wifi connection


Now, hope you understand what is the warning “this password appeared in a data leak”. you can sort your issues with the help of above information. If you have any kind of suggestion, query then mentioned in comment section. For more information stay connect with us. Keep follow our website and stay safe & health!

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