Top 10 Free Movies/Web-Series to watch during Coronavirus Lockdown: The coronavirus which has bound us to our homes is seriously giving everyone some major boredom issues. Self-isolation obviously is great for the first few days, exploring talents sounds interesting for the first few days. But, we need something which can keep us entertained for a long period of time. Well, watching tv and playing games hands-on win the race to reduce our boredom. And if you own Netflix and amazon prime account then you can enjoy some of the best movies or web series which can lighten your day aa well as night.

OTT platforms have taken care of us in many situations be it a date, a breakup party or even a movie night. They provide with some really great content and so this is the time to utilize your subscription. This is tough time guys please share your subscription passwords with your friends. Help them out during this deadly lockdown.

Top 10 Movies & Web Series to watch in lockdown

Well, let us take a look at the top 10 movies/web series you can binge-watch during this lockdown-

1. Train to Busan

Well, if you are at home and really want to watch something that can give you Goosebumps as well as take you on the emotional trail then this is the movie. It is a South Korean movie of a father saving his doctor from a zombie apocalypse. Trust me it is very interesting. It is available on Netflix.Train to Busan



2. Contagion

While most of us wouldn’t suggest to watch this movie during a ongoing pandemic, but you need to watch it if you are a movie buff. The movie seems to have striking similarities to the deadly virus which has spread now. Chills! Right. This movie is available on Amazon Prime.

Contagion Movie








3. Gully Boy

How can we forget our Bollywood movies. This is the time to rewatch all our classic Bollywood movies. So start with Gully boy. A normal guy from some slum in Mumbai worked hard to match his dream with his reality and became a rapper. Based on many true stories, Gully boy will definitely give you the motivation you need. It is available on Amazon Prime.

Gully Boy












4. Forrest Gump

This is the time when we not only need some motivation but we need the will to stay at home. Forrest Gump will take you on a laugh troll and will motivate you to the core. Although, the movie is a bit long but you will never get bored even for a second while watching it. It is a story of a man and life journey. It is available on Netflix & on Youtube.

Forrest Gump








5. Her

Starring the oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix, the movie is a perfect mixture of romance and technology. The film depicts the story of a lonely man who takes the help of an AI and how he fell in love with her. Same like is guys, where we are locked down with our gadgets at home. So this will definitely entertain you. It is available on Netflix.










6. Little Things

If you want to a really feel good web series, then this is the one. Pouring out the cuteness of Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal the web series deals with the common problems of a couple. The series contains many cute moments which you can relate to. (Not if you are single). It is available on Netflix.











7. Asura

This series seem to have a lot of positive reviews and is definitely a must- watch. Yet another psychological thriller that is a must-watch during this uncertainty of life is Asura. The show stars BarunSobti and Arshad Warsi in the lead roles. It takes you through a ride of the clash of two opposing worlds against each other. The story delves deeper into some of the prospects of forensic science and some mystical correlations from mythology too. This is available on Voot.

8. The Office

Yes, it is certain that we are going to the classics, but this is one of the best web series which you can never get bored of. We don’t need to hype it up, as it has all the hype it needs. A story of common people at office. This will definitely get you laughing on floor. It is available on Amazon Prime.

9. Mad Men

Undoubtedly one of the greatest TV series of all time! This classic stars Jon Hamm as advertising genius and charmer Don Draper. Set in a 1960s advertising agency in New York, it follows womaniser Don as he tackles a hugely complicated professional and private life. Wonderfully funny and, at times, extremely dark. It is available on Netflix.

10. Friends

This series can not leave the list of the best web series to watch. The light hearted show which will give you the burst of emotions. Well, there is probably no need to tell about this series, but definitely a must-watch. This is available on Netflix.


So if you are finding ways to pass your day and night during this lockdown, this list will help you get through it. Stay safe and be strong.

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