Top 5 Drawing & Coloring Apps for Artists for Andriod apk 2020:- These days mobile become everything, Mobile phone already took over hand watches, landline, FM Radio, Calender and even desktop. Now in 2020 mobile can replace white drawing board which is a favourite thing for an Artist. Developers are trying to develop apps for android in apk format just for the Artist or for the art lover. If you want to bring out your artsy and creative self out, we have got the right collection of drawing apps and colouring apps for you. 


Top 5 Drawing & Coloring Apps for Artists in 2020


InShot makes the cut to the top owing it to its newbie-friendly easy-to-use application. The option to add your own music or use features songs, and you can layer multiple tracks. From changing the aspect ratio to adding cool stickers and adding that extra fun to your videos. You can also perform basic functions like trimming, cutting, splitting, merging, and joining videos. Musical effects only make the app more magical. All the videos edited are good for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.




SketchBook is an app from the industry expert ‘AutoDesk Inc.’ so you can be sure that you will feel it while using the app. Most of the options are free like heavily customizable brushes and scanning your own line art. You can also turn your illustration into a time-lapse movie, and voila! You will have something cool to show off. It will also speed up the video for quick playback. With the help of precision tools like predictive stroke, you can smoothen out irregular lines and imperfect circles.Overall, you can use this app for heavy illustrations without thinking twice. The app is available on Google Play Store.


Concepts – Sketch, Design, Illustrate

Concepts is a TopHatch, Inc. application developed for Art & Design app users. With a never-ending canvas, there is no one stopping you from expanding your imagination clubbed with advanced tools. Bring the menus to any part of the canvas and customize the Tool wheel’s size and choose your 8 go-to tools for quick access. The best part is the availability of a-la-carte brush packs for specific needs. You can get it all with a discount if you buy a subscription for everything. The app is easy to use and we loved using it. You can download it from the Official Google Play Store.Concept

FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation

FlipaClip is developed by Visual Blasters LLC for everyone. The app has the feature to bring animations to life frame by frame, you can use simple drawing tools and easy-to-use timeline to get your way around. Further advanced your creativity with multiple layers, image import, audio and video import. The canvas can be set to fit YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and many more. It’s fun, and it’s easy to use. Who knows you could start your own comic series. FlipaClip is available on the official Google Play Store.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

This had to be on our list. Coming from visual editing master, Adobe, Illustrator Draw is a heavy app for creating the best illustrations on Android. You can make layered vector artwork zoomable up to 64X. All the brushes are customizable for opacity, taper, colour, and more and you can preview the strokes while choosing. 

With the help of Adobe Cloud, you can export and access all your images from Desktop. You can also export images directly to Photoshop while preserving the layers to your Desktop. This creates a seamless experience for artists throughout all devices. Adobe Illustrator Draw is available on Google Play Store.Adobe Illustrator Draw


While all the apps are good, but their functionalities vary a lot and each app provides different advantages. If you are a novice and looking for fun then InColor and ClipFlip are the right choices. If you are a professional, then Adobe Illustrator Draw and SketchBook could work for you. However, there are other apps too which can be quite useful. 

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