Here we are going to discuss about the Wifi standards and types. As we know there are lots of varieties to connect your devices. Desktop, Mobile phone, and other devices uses the wireless protocol to connect with the internet. The wireless wifi device is automatic update after some years which helps to give the best connectivity, fast internet etc. If you are searching the wifi types and standards for your home or company. So the problem is that the many peoples don’t have the knowledge about the wireless system. In this blog, we are guiding the all wifi devices or varieties .

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Different Kinds of WiFi Standards Explained

The wifi standards are nothing just a service provider which defines that your wifi network and the other data transmission network how it’s work.  The most important set of your wireless device is IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN (WLAN). For the present wireless wifi device 802.11ac. The new wifi standards, 802.11ax , currently in the making.

WLAN connection

1. IEEE 802.11

This was the first standard and the original standard which was developed in 1997, that time they promise the speed of the connection is 1 mbps. This is not work for the long term because the technology change and upgrade so this is not work today.

2. IEEE 802.11a

IEEE 802.11a wifi standards work on 5GHz band. This standard is so fast with the 54 mbps. Although, because of 5GHz frequency  problem the range is low as compared to the others.

3. IEEE 802.11b

After 1999 presenting the prior one,  this standard is so critical 2.4GHz frequency and may obtain a maximum throughput of 11Mbps. 802.11b was that standard kick-started Wi-popularity as we know it today.

4. IEEE 802.11g

The design and execution in 2003, 802.11g standard is trust on 2.4GHz channel random increase the data speed 54 Mbps which is really shocking. The result is that everyone adopted this standard.

5. IEEE 802.11n 

Established in 2009 end, in the initial stage the version is weak. This standard are allowed the multi-channel and  they allowed the both band to work 5GHz and 2.4GHz. The speed of this standard is 600 Mbps.

6. IEEE 802.11ac

This standard are mostly use now a days in most of the house and organizations. First it’s introduced since 2014 year, this standard speed is 1300Mbps. Except this, in this standard includes extra Wi-Fi broadcast channels got the 5GHz band, support for multiple antennas on a single router, and MU-MIMO capabilities.

7. IEEE 802.11ax

The next standard is ax. Time to time ax complete then you will access the network 10Gbps, at present the standard boost approx 30-40 percent. Though, with the help of wireless ax the standard networking is broadcasting the channels, upgrading MU-MIMO. And validate more simultaneous data streams.

Types of Wireless Networks

Basically there are four types of wireless networking:

Types of Wireless Networks

1. Wireless Personal Region Networks.

(WPAN) This is the short range network, which connect devices with a limited area.  A WPAN connection normally those person are in the range, however the range is spread 30 feet. To use the bluetooth technology, WPAN are capable to joint a several devices in a central point. For example your, a headphone to a laptop on your desktop.

2. Wireless Local Area Networks

(WLAN) The wireless networks that stroke radio waves, WPAN are not the Bluetooth technology. Generally there is one wire to access point for internet access. Like a wired connection is working in router which helps to wireless system  to broadcast the signals to more devices.  WLAN are basically use for the local resources and to connect with the internet. The range of the internet are limited in a room or apartment. And with the help of OFDM or spectrum-spread the network is also throughout a full building or campus.

3. Wireless Wide Area Networks 

(WWAN) are use for the large area like city or nation. The leveraging for antenna sites, or mobile phone. For boad coverage are, WWAN network are provide the connection techniques when other forms of network connection are unavailable.


4. Wireless Metropolitan Region Networks

(WMAN) is used in metro city to connect with each other, like the various building.


Here in this blog we discuss all about the version of the wifi standards and varieties. The wireless connection is the most beneficial for the internet users which also helps in the network broadcast. If you have any query or any suggestion so you can comment in the below section. For more knowledge stay connect with us and keep follow our website.

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