In this article we are going to tell you about the history of the internet. It’s so glad that  you choose our website to know the information and do you know about where we get all the information to share with you?  Like you click on that link when your search the things, your device like mobile or laptop communicate with each other and stored the post. It’s also happen in your country and also happen in another country. Although, your device also do do even in 1 second, and here you read this post. These all things are only possible with the help of internet and these all things are looking so attractive. But did you ever thing who invent the internet? So read this blog we going to tell you abut all the things.

Computer Networking

Concept of Computer Networking

The 2 world  war is a very disastrous phase of the world. Although, this phase is also invents lots of things. That is the time when the computer is a lot to use the commercial use, but they are too large computer. The one computer was so large, your living room cover with one computer. That is mostly use to solve the mathematical equation but the process is too low.

It’s happen because computer have lots of part, they have 10 parts when the 1 part completed the work so the next part start their processing. But Richard Feynman doing a project where he think a creative and decided to use all the part in the same time. That’s why when computer  one part done with the work and waste, so the computer give another task to that part. while the other parts were working on the previous one.

Then he tries with so much efforts and he also helps people to think that way. That is why the coming years all the computer part were separated and placed into different rooms. They send work from a room, and the processing is start next room.

This made the units compact and they are successful to made more computers. And able to get enhanced inputs. This is the first example where the network use first time. This also motivate the universities of that era to separate their computer terminals. They kept the sensitive parts away in rooms that were locked.

At the same time he tries to experiment on the new machine with the excited peoples who, have willing to do this. This is the place where people think about to develop the network and America invent the defence part ARPA.


ARPA  or Advance Research Project Agency used to develop new technologies because the Soviet Union had already launched the first satellite in space by then. That’s why to motivate the research and development, ARPA start funding to search computer networking and connect with all researches beyond the United States.

Joseph Licklider are the funding man and minimum 10 years he have four computer networks from different colleges in America. He named it ARPA network. This is mainly use to talk in text messages easily. When the network successfully got the goal then the network is known as acronym ARPANET. In UTA three computer are available and in California one computer available. Although, this is equal to internet, but this is not match with this defination, how we define the internet.


2. Packet Data Switching

As we know internet is working very fast and this is connect very fast also. But those days there is another way to communicate and this is known as manual way. Because, with the help of computer we can send the message within a second, that’s why for the vast network switchboard is not possible to work. Then, a scientist invent a packet switching techniques.

Packet Data Switching

This is make for wireless computer data and also helps to connect or deliver the the message to relatable computers. Like, when you are going to your office always with the same route like everyone did. You imagine yourself like a data packet and this is use to reach the another computer. The separations of the data happen at the last stage of the processing. This invention is helps to fast the transmission, and network is vast and wider.

3. Transmission Control Protocol

But, in this process there is also a fault, which is come outside when Hwaai connect with California, with full of United States. The fault is that data packet reach on the correct destination, so the computer have to know all the computer updated address. Also, if any college or other place had close the computer so the data packet change the route. Because the data packet set according to the computer address.

Then Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn the two scientist invent the new protocol which is know as transmission control protocol(TCP). In this method, every each computer had their own unique internet protocol or IP and that’s why there is no more chance to any confusion. But after day by day to use more computer and more transfers the overloading problem was create.

Transmission Control Protocol

4. Domain Name Servers (DNS)

In the 1980’s ARPANET had above 70% email data packet, and one computer have to search full email address and send the packet on the same address. Paul Mockapetris was only the one man who had the solution of this problem. He formulate the domain name system (DNA) which served as the address book of all the web addresses.

So,  now different domain with different computers. For example, computer had a set of dot com domain address, some other computer had different set of domain dot org etc. On this stage, when the data will transfer so first computer verified the domain name. Computer check the domain name server and then start searching the IP address. From this method the data transfer speed increase and also develop the ARPANET.

Domain Name Servers


But, after some time the Defence department of United State in 1990, realized that they have to create something big to handle the network system. Who had to know each and every moment of ARPANET. But this is not the responsibility of the defence department. So, the ARPANET handover to the National Science Foundation and ARPNET convert into NSFNET. In between few months, in United states there is lots of companies was working on local networks. They also allowed for the transmission of emails over their network.


6. Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

This companies don’t had any right from the law. That’s why, the US Congress passed a law for the commercialization of the NSFNET. Then companies starts helping each other and allow there networks to intercommunication. At 1995, America Goverment decided to close the NSFNET and and give the new name which is known as INTERNET. The ISP manage the all internet networks.

Internet Service Providers


In this blog we are discuss about INTERNET inventors in details. For more information keep follow our website and if you have any query and want to tell something else so, comment in comment section. And stay connect with us.

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